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Hiraizumi Mizukake Mikoshi Festivalひらいずみみずかけみこし

Participants parade a portable shrine (mikoshi) from Kanjizaiōin Temple Site to Chūsonji's Konjikidō golden hall as onlookers splash them with purifying water (mizukake).

This festival began in September 1995 when Hiraizumi invited the mizukake mikoshi from Tomioka Hachimangū Shrine in Tokyo. In February 1996, a group of young Hiraizumi residents formed an association to carry the mikoshi, and this event has become firmly rooted in the community.

The paraders make their way from the Kanjizaiōin Temple Site to Mōtsūji to Hiraizumi Station, and then finally to Chūsonji. The roadside crowds relentlessly shower the mikoshi and its carriers with water, and the air echoes with their chant of, "Wasshoi! Wasshoi!

Date Late July
Location Hiraizumi

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