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  • World Heritage Hiraizumi
  • Chusonji Konjikido 900 years

World Heritage Hiraizumi

In the latter part of the Heian Period, three generations of the powerful Fujiwara clan of Mutsu,
beginning with Kiyohira, then his son Motohira,
and finally grandson Hidehira built the culture of Hiraizumi over 100 years.
This is a very important area that is surrounded on three sides by rivers of various sizes,
has a small mountain to the west, and the “Oku Taido Road” in the center.
Kiyohira, the first generation Fujiwara,
is said to have moved to Hiraizumi around the year 1100, when he began building a peaceful,
ideal town where gold was abundant based on the Buddhist culture in Oshu.

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