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Yanagi no Gosho Siteやなぎのごしょいせき

The base of the Ōshu Fujiwara clan

The entire area of the terraced land from the foot of Takadachi along the Kitakami River is said to have been the site of the residence of Kiyohira and Motohira Fujiwara in the 12th century. Excavation and research conducted so far has found Chinese white porcelain vases, large ceramic pots from the Tokai area, various wooden artifacts and earthenware dishes used in large amounts. Because the quality and quantity of the objects are far higher than those of other 12th century sites, and in addition, foundations of moats, walls, ponds and wells have been confirmed, this site is believed to be the base of the Fujiwara government mentioned in the Azuma Kagami.

It was opened as a historical park in April 2010.

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