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Chūson-ji Temple was founded in 850 by Ennin (Jikaku Daishi), a high-ranking priest of Mount Hiei Enryaku-ji Temple. At the beginning of the 12th century, large-scale temple construction was carried out by Kiyohira, the founder of the Ōshu Fujiwara clan.

Kiyohira built Chūson-ji Temple in order to comfort the souls of all who died, whether friend or enemy, in the Former Nine Years' War and the Latter Three Years' War that had been waged in the Tohoku region during the second half of the 11th century. He wanted to establish a peaceful, ideal society following the teachings of Buddha, in Michinoku, considered the remotest area of Tohoku. Kiyohira, who had been forced into bloody battles and lost his family in the war, resolved to bring peace to the region.

Completed in 1124, Konjikidō is the only building left which conveys to us an image of the initial establishment of Chūson-ji. This golden Amida hall is covered with gold leaf on both the interior and exterior. The ornamentation inside the temple is outstanding. The four pillars, the Buddhist altars and the tie-beams are all decorated with lustrous white shell inlays, engraved metal fittings and gold-sprinkled lacquer. The entire temple is one work of art that brings together the most sophisticated artistic techniques of the late Heian era.

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202 Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi, Iwate 029-4195
(t) 0191-46-2211
Open daily
3/1-11/3 » 8:30-17:00 11/4-2/28 » 8:30-16:30
(prices in yen) Individual Group
(30+; 10% off)
(100+; 20% off)
Adult 1,000 900 800
HS 700 630 560
Jr. HS 500 450 400
Elementary 300 270 240
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Lot 1 950 800 400 50
Lot 2 950 800 400 50

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