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The Junkai Bus Runrun on which you can tour all around the tourist spots in town is \150 for adults and \80 for children per ride on the bus. An all-day bus pass is great value at \450.Use an all-day bus pass and enjoy touring around this ancient city.

Hiraizumi Station

Hiraizumi StationThere’s a large traffic circle outside the station building where buses and taxis are parked up. The Runrun bus departs every 30mins on weekdays and every 15-20mins on weekends and holidays. There are 8 stops along its route. You can purchase an all-day bus pass at the tourist information office by the station or on the bus itself. It really is great value if you’re going to get on and off the bus many times.

About 3mins by bus

Motsu-ji Temple

Motsu-ji TempleYou can take lots of photos while taking a relaxing stroll in the spacious grounds here. Why not try taking your own photographs of the hondo (main temple building) or the Jodo garden? After leaving Motsu-ji Temple, walk and head to the next destination while taking a look at the remains of Kanjizaio-in Temple which is said to have been built by the wife of Motohira, the 2nd lord of the Fujiwara clan.

Further information here

About 10mins on foot

Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center

Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage CenterThis is a cultural heritage center where you can try on clothes of the Heian era for free. There are hunting costumes (kariginu) for men and two-layer kimonos (kochigi) for women that you can wear to experience how it felt to be a Heian noble. Not only can you dress up, you can also spend a very fulfilling time here learning in detail about the “World Heritage Hiraizumi” from the exhibits in the center.

Lunchtime around the Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center area

A rest spot that you’ll want to try Yume no Kaze

Business hours: 10:00-18:00
Closed: No set days off but closed occasionally in the winter period
Address: Hiraizumi, Aza, Hanadate 11-2
Tel: 0191-46-2641

Restaurant Hana Mizuki

Business hours: 11:00-18:30
Closed: Wednesdays
Address: Hiraizumi, Aza, Hanadate 13-1
Tel: 0191-46-2348

About 3mins by bus

Chuson-ji Temple

Chuson-ji TemplePut your hands together in prayer at the hondo (main temple building) after slowly walking up the Tsukimi-zaka Slope from the bus stop. There are unique omikuji (sacred lots) and goshuin (temple seals) in the temple grounds that you can’t help but want to hold in your hands and look at. Take a look at the Konjikido (Golden Hall) which is a national treasure and then head over to the Kyuoi-do and see the statue of Basho Matsuo. The stone with the haiku “Untouched by The rains of May Shining Hall” inscribed on it and the Basho statue are perfect as a memorial to Basho Matsuo.

About 10mins on foot

Takadachi Gikei-do (Yoshitsune Hall)

Takadachi Gikei-do (Yoshitsune Hall)It’s said that Minamoto no Yoshitsune chased by his elder brother spent the last part of his life here in the north. Takadachi Gikei-do is on top of a slightly elevated hill and the contrast between Mt. Tabashine and the Kitakami River stretching out below is fantastic. It’s deeply moving thinking about whether Minamoto no Yoshitsune also looked out over this scenery too. The Basho Matsuo haiku “The summer’s grass ‘Tis all that’s left Of ancient warrior’s dreams” is inscribed on a stone here.

About 4mins by bus

Yanagi no Gosho

Yanagi no GoshoYanagi no Gosho is presumed to have been the site of Hiraizumi-kan, the base of government for the Oshu Fujiwara clan. You can find archeological remains here including Chinese made white porcelain and pots plus large amounts of used earthen vessels that are outstanding in their quantity and quality even when considering the quality of other Hiraizumi remains and relics. Kero-Hira (the frog mascot character), who is the World Heritage Hiraizumi advertising manager, was created here as mascot motif based on a “Hiraizumi frog caricature” that was drawn on a block of wood from the Heian era.

Further information here

About 2mins by bus

Breaktime in the Hiraizumi Station Area


Business hours: 9:30-18:00
Closed: Mondays
Address: Hiraizumi, Aza, Izumiya 73-4
Tel: 0191-48-5011


Business hours:
Closed: Mondays
Address: Hiraizumi, Aza, Hiwatashi 50-2
Tel: 0191-46-3066

cafe & bar Kohaku

Business hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: No set days off
Address: Hiraizumi, Aza, Shirayama 8-34
Tel: 0191-46-2721

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