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  • 自転車での〜んびり「ひらいずみツーリング」
  • World Heritage Hiraizumi

World Heritage Hiraizumi

The late Heian period , Oshu Mutsu of powerful families child of the base equilibrium as the father of Fujiwara no Kiyohira in Hiraizumi , the grandson of Shigeru衡 Culture of Hiraizumi the Oshu Fujiwara three generations were built over about a hundred years . Here is surrounded on three sides by the river of large and small , received a slightly elevated mountains to the west , the land of a strategic point of the center , " the back of the Avenue ," went through . Kiyoshi衡of the first generation , was transferred to a residence in Hiraizumi is said to be around 1100 , With a focus on Buddhist culture in Oshu , construction of the golden flower bloom peaceful utopia began .

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